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Charming house plan very affordable

Charming house plan exterior is ornate Tudor styling with old world influence. Stucco, wood trim and stone; my favorite combination. Corner entry have corner wrap covered porch. Powder room blocks the view of the living area from entrance, giving a small home intrigue. Open living arrangement allows for a large feel and look to the plan. Kitchen cabinets cozy up to elevator centrally located. Stairs frame and wrap around large stone fireplace

The floor plan options depends on how much space you need and your budget. This plan is a cost buster if you play down the exterior a tad, and straighten the roof line

Cottage house plans

Second floor option A has two small bedrooms each with a full bath and master suite with hot tub and small balcony to the front. Den is a pleasant added area for hanging out, and a fireplace too.  Option B shows same master suite layout without the two bedrooms

Third floor option A shows only the two bedrooms that were eliminated from option B second floor plan. Option B shows only the den area as view room, den or sleep overs. It won’t be easy to make up your mind. Maybe you prefer only two levels or maybe you’d like a forth. Decisions are sometimes hard to make, however, if you follow your heart and your budget, you’ll come out ahead

Tudor house plans

Charming house plan

Most of my designs are topped with iron rods on the roof tops. Not only are they beautiful, they also have a very important function. Lightning has destroyed many a home, as well as injuring, even killing many people. Keep it safe by having a lightning rod on your roof top, and if you do, keep it beautiful. A lightning rod must be grounded in order to act as non conductor

European house plans

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