adorable house plans

Adorable house plans

Adorable house plans are typically small and cozy. Charming homes, that we all love, they can also be affordable if the structure is simple, however, this isn’t always the case. Cute homes are not always cheap, and the tag has no bearing on price to build. Cottage style, traditional or Victorian plans may also fall into this category. Steep roof pitches cost a little more, and reverse gables or raised plate lines also add on to the cost, so keep it simple if you’re on a restricted budget

Great starter homes, cottage style homes are also wonderful for those empty nesters sizing down. Large houses are expensive and difficult to maintain

Roof slopes vary, but low sloped roofs or one sided slopes lean towards modern, so keep it traditional. Exteriors are normally dressed up with corbels, shutters, and sometimes flower boxes

The house in the image below is a two story home with all the bells and whistles needed to be called adorable. Charming, the cozy cottage is as affordable as it is cute

Adorable house plans

Cute house plans

Rules do not apply to most terms or descriptions of house plan styles, as it’s really a matter of opinion. We can all agree that the cottage style homes are attractive. Vacation or summer homes are often of this nature

Homes could be one level, or even two or three as long as the size is quaint

Charming house plans

Whether or not a home is adorable or not, is really just a matter of opinion, and when it’s all said and done, yours is the only one that matters


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