Terms and agreements

Terms and Agreements

Terms and Agreements

Every effort will be given to fulfill my obligation in meeting our agreement, in that you will be provided with the items listed on product page or fee schedule is you’re purchasing a custom house plan

Roof diagram, sections and details are provided according to complexity of design

Architectural or engineering stamps must be obtained by licensed professionals in your state, and cannot be provided by UHP. Please check with your local permit office to find out if these requirements apply to your property location

Please do not send me plans of other home designers without asking me, and having received written permissions . Copyright infringement is a threat for all home designers, and I would like to think my own designs are not freely passed around. I hold all rights to that which I have created; the designs and plans on this website, and actively pursue violators

If you don’t like the first rough sketch I create, I’ll try again and again, however, if I cannot please you, I won’t refund your payment. You’re paying for my time, and once given, cannot be regained

When you purchase a stock plan, you will receive digital files of your plans with instructions on how to print. You will be responsible for printing out your own plans, however, if you would like me to print your plans, and mail them to you, that can be arranged for an additional fee

All sales are final. No refunds

I’m willing to make minor revisions on stock plans for no extra cost as a part of the package, however, please trust me to know just how much time I can afford to give you. If the revisions you want are extensive, I will require for an additional fee

When one phase is complete, I may not back up to the previous phase without asking for another phase fee. I consider your approval of one phase to be met with payment for the next. This payment is your approval. Once you have paid for phase II, I may not be so inclined to go back to phase I. Having three phases helps both of us know we’re going in the right direction

Neither of us is obligated to move forward to the next phase. If it’s not working out; no hard feelings

Every design I create may be added as a stock plan to this website, if you would like an original; a one of a kind, you may purchase exclusive rights to your plan for an additional fee

My goal is for you to end up with a set of permit ready working drawings of the home you love, and if we work together, we can do it

All rights reserved
Author: Brenda Rand