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Brenda G Rand

The Tulsa native has a style that is difficult to label. An artist, home designing comes natural to her. Preferring to create each home with the melody and fluid movement that captures the unique mood of each individual client and building site, her devotion to home design embraces architecture. She knows no boundaries in architectural theory and design

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The home designs exhibited on this website are original; all created by Brenda G Rand, and are protected by copyright law. Do not download, copy or print without written permission


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  • Earth bag house plan

    Earth Bag House Plan

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  • Country style house plan

    Country Style House Plan

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  • Restaurant castle house plan

    Restaurant Castle House Plan

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  • Castle house plan II

    Castle House Plan II

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  • unique house plans

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  • Abstract house plan

    Abstract House Plan

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  • Beach House Plan

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  • artistic house plan

    Artistic House Plan

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