Large House Plans

Large House Plans

Large house plans  section includes the larger home plans in my exclusive collection of home designs. According to the average home buyer, 4500 sf and up is considered as large

Often referred to as estate homes, large homes don’t always cost more per square foot. Some people need a bigger home that is simple in style. Cost per square foot depends on complexity of design and quality of materials

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Large house plans 4500 square foot and up

The large plans in this collection may be relatively small to some

Original House Plans

My designs are not your typical cookie cutter house plans. Each home has it’s own personality and style, having been originally designed

There’s no maximum square footage if you want to enlarge an existing plan, or want a custom house plan designed. What is the largest plan I’ve ever worked on? 22,000. It was a country club, and I was one of many that worked on the design and planning. Would I design a home that size today? You bet

With over forty years of work experience, there’s no job too complicated or too large. Larger projects may require additional team work that include engineers and registered architects in your state. Some states require plans to be stamped by one or the other to receive a permit

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Consider a custom home design

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Showing all 21 results