About the Designer

About the Designer Brenda G Rand

About the designer, Brenda G Rand has been practicing architecture for over forty years. Her broad field of experience includes, cost estimating fire and disaster residences, log home design,
pre-manufactured home systems and trusses, light commercial, restaurants, remodel and reconstruction, cost busting, exclusive estate home and extreme home design technique and teaching

Attending Tulsa Technical college for two years, Brenda graduated with honors

Brenda has practiced architecture under, and with renowned architects such as Bill Hefner, John Foster and David Broach of Tulsa, Oklahoma. RG Foster, Alan Bates and Warren Bates of Springfield Missouri, and is a master in her own right. Brenda’s last position before becoming self employed over 20 years ago was in-house designer at ‘The Pinnacle Golf and Country Club in Rogers Arkansas from start to completion of development, country club and golf course

Teaching architectural theory at Miller Mott College in Clarksville Tennessee

The Tulsa native has a style that is difficult to label. First an artist, architecture came natural to her. Preferring to create each home with the melody and fluid movement that captures the unique mood and feeling of each individual building site and client’s criteria, her devotion to home design embraces architecture. She knows no boundaries in architectural theory and design

About the designer
Brenda Gayle Rand



Asked how she comes up with new concepts for designs,
she answered. “Every piece of land is unique and so are we”










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The original home designs exhibited on this website were designed by Brenda, and are copyright protected. You may find pirated copies of her plans on other websites, but please don’t be fooled, as she, and she alone is the creator

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