Building the Beautiful Curves

Building the Beautiful Curves comes easy

Building the curves are nothing new to the building industry. We’ve been constructing them for many years in commercial construction and residential as well. Today, the industry offers many products that make it fast and easy. Different builders prefer different methods for creating the curved or round walls, but no matter how it’s done, the effect is profound; breaking out of the box

Some builders shy away from using new products. They prefer the do it yourself method. Wood veneer can be used in place of sheet rock to cover a wall, and plate lines can be created with layers of plywood cut from a template, however, time is money, and although the products available today cost a little more, they reduce labor, making the job a breeze

Years ago I drove out to a construction site of one of the homes I designed. The builder was soaking drywall in a pond to soften the gypsum, and oddly enough, it worked. The sheet rock was removed before it was saturated

Some builders make vertical slices from top to bottom, giving sheet rock the ability to flex, while some actually cut the panels into narrow strips, applying them as independent sections. My preference is to avoid using sheet rock on interior curved walls, and switch to wood veneer. Veneer is thin, and bends easily, plus, it’s beautiful, giving the wall a special look

Cove or base molding can be added by layering thin strips of hardwood on top of one another, or even better, flexible trim specifically designed to bend can be used. These products cost a little more, however, they save a lot of time, balancing out the cost

The working drawings I create have standard dimensions, with a 1/4″ graph to help builders shape unusual curves. A chalk line graph is used to layout the pattern for the foundation and the interior framed walls. Most builders find it challenging, but very rewarding

Building the curves
Building the curves

Building the curves
Building the Curves
Building the Curves

Below are a list of product links, but if you Google it, you’ll find many more companies that are branching out due to demand


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