Tree House

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Tree house is versatile

Tree house stands on a round wall base surrounding spiral stairs enclosed by a fiberglass tree wrap. Remove the base, and you have adorable cabins that could be built anywhere. The exteriors can be changed to any style

Designed for viewing wildlife, birds will be the focus. Bird bathes scattered about, each one unique, with bird feeders hanging from the decks and the trees

Birds of a Feather

Exteriors with pastel colors and painted vine. The colors could vary, so people could easily identify their house. Red roses on a vine with a pink exterior, or purple wisteria with a lilac exterior as a few examples

Gas log fireplace on 1st floor level and third floor level optional

The woods will be softly lite after dark, bringing the nocturnal wildlife to light. Holidays will be celebrated

For all seasons

Watch the birds during the day, and view the stars at night. Large skylights in the cathedral ceiling will be a starry show. Optional skylights over hot tub

Cottage house plans

Choose one or all three square footage options listed below. There’s a 2nd level floor plan shown as a first floor level option. Eliminate the top level with the hot tub, and you have a small one story tree house, or add the level to create a two level option

3 level 800 SF
2 level 500 SF
1 level 350 SF

Builder’s package $5,000 total cost: Price includes three tree house options with variations of exterior colors and patterns. Also included, standard foundation plan for building on the grade as simple cottages

Tree house shop has everything needed to serve breakfast to patrons, along with linen storage, powder room and display area for souvenir sales focusing on birds of course. Waffle bar with the works, juice and premium coffee

Air B and B house plans

Fiberglass tree artist located in Springfield

Bird proofing glass

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Author: Brenda Rand