cottage house plans

Cottage house plans

Cottage house plans are often used as summer or vacation homes by the wealthy, however, some us live in cottages. Cottages come in all sizes, shapes and styles, however, we often think of them as small, and in a country setting

These days we use the reference in accordance with style. We think of a cottage as a small house with charm. There may be shutters on the windows and flower boxes. The roof line is unpretentious

A cottage may be one or two levels, however, there’s no basement in most cases. That being said, there are no set rules to the description of a cottage, only perception. The term was first adapted in American from movies or books, and it caught on

In jest, we may refer to our home as a cottage or even a shack

Cottage house plans are vacation homes that we may rent or own, although most of don’t have summer homes.

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