art deco house plans

Art deco house plans

Art deco house plans were first created in nineteen twenties and thirties, and have been all the rage ever sense. The term simply means, bold, geometric shapes and striking colors. First starting with architecture, it soon bled over into home furnishings and then jewelry as we

A lot of my designs lean in this direction, if not by the bold colors, by the bold lines. The era was simple and clean without a lot of fluff, however, the shapes were often unusual, yet attractive to the eye

Deco is short for decoration, so art deco refers to homes that are decorated artfully

Art deco is thought of as modern or contemporary even today, however, most art deco furnishing are antiques from the period. Furniture being made today are thought of as reproductions

If you love and collect art deco furniture or jewelry, you’ll also love my home designs that fall in this category


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