art deco house plans

Art deco house plans

Art deco house plans were first created in nineteen twenties and thirties, and have been all the rage ever sense. The term simply means, bold, geometric shapes and striking colors. First starting with architecture, it soon bled over into home furnishings and then jewelry as we

Today we often think of the term as meaning a mix of styles combined in one household

Original house plans

A lot of my designs lean in this direction, if not by the bold colors, by the bold lines. The era was simple and clean without a lot of fluff, however, the shapes were often unusual, yet attractive to the eye

Deco is short for decoration. The home is decorated artistically

The sketch below shows the interior of very unusual house plan. settee was designed specifically for the house with seating on both sides, and shelves on the ends

Art deco house plansThe style is lose, and allows the home designer to be more creative than some styles that are more restrictive or confining. Home styles are often uptight, such as colonial or Victorian, and that’s why I prefer keeping things free flowing, and see where it ends up

Unique floor plans

Art deco is thought of as modern or contemporary even today, however, most  furnishing are antiques from an earlier period, such as the fifties or sixties. Furniture being made today are thought of as reproductions

If you love and collect unusual furniture or jewelry, you’ll also love my home designs that fall in this category

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