Two Story House Plan

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Two story house plan has style

Two story house plan has rustic exterior style with a modern interior flare. Curved wall with glass creates lovely sitting or piano room. Walk into a real surprise and find a bowed window for a large plant, sculpture or small dining. Curved bar at kitchen offers seating for five. Veranda is covered with tall privacy wall. Portico has storage closets, however, if that’s not enough, enclose as two car garage. Open garage to front or side if your property width allows

Rustic house plans

Two story house plan with rustic and modern styles combined

Affordable home design walks upstairs from wall connecting to curve leading to beautiful landing. Corner garden doors walk out to balcony top of stairs. Master suite has deluxe bathroom and walks out to balcony over veranda below. Second bedroom has private bath and corner window arrangement. Garden door is optional for this bedroom if not intended for young child, or older teen if you know what I mean

Laundry closet just off landing at second floor level

Curved railing creates lovely space for sitting or decorative arrangement

Lake house plans

Exterior has six / twelve roof pitch with simple gable. Real wood is shown on this plan, with the top portion stained a natural color with vertical siding, while the bottom have has horizontal siding stained gray for contrast. This home would also look great with stucco exterior finish. Stone at the lower half is an option as well if your budget allows

Adirondack house plans

Fireplace backs up to the kitchen cabinets, shown as stone at interior, however, was later changed to gas logs and wood chimney to reduce cost

1600 SF

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Author: Brenda Rand