duplex house plans

Duplex house plans

Duplex house plans are two separate homes that connect to each other, without giving access. In most cases one side of each unit has a straight wall with no windows where connected

Duplexes are often referred to as town homes, and popular in most parts of the world due to the great cost savings. The two units are typically the same foot print, however, the more expensive homes may be different from each other, or even connect with a breezeway

Home owners sometimes build duplexes, living on one side, renting out the other as an investment

You’ll see a lot of duplex plans on my website, due their popularity. Builders like them because they’re fast to construct and faster to sell to investors

Have you ever lived in a duplex? I have, and I didn’t mind one bit. The two units were connected where the second and third bedroom was, and I never heard a peep from the neighbor


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