cabin house plans

Cabin house plans

Cabin house plans are found in the country, and are used for many purposes. Many a vacation will be spent in a cabin at the lake or the river. Hunters and fisherman stay in cabins when they’re out on a field trip. Sleeping in a tent can get rough after a few days

Families often stay in cabins during their summer vacations. Cabins are much more comfortable than sleeping bags, although, most cabins have the bare necessities, and some don’t have bathrooms or electric, depending on the location

We think of Abe Lincoln when cabins come to mind, as he grew up in a log cabin, however, cabins aren’t always built with logs. Most have standard construction, however, most are rustic style

My family stayed in a cabin on the beach in Texas one summer, and I remember it to this day. It had a moldy smell, and was dingy, contrary to the cabins I design, which are bright and cheery, and shouldn’t mold if built properly

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