european house plans

European house plans is a broad range of styles, however, when we refer to European house plans, French, Italian and English set the precedence. Styles vary, and may be very different, yet still be referred to as such

Expensive to build, the styles typically have steep roofs with high dollar roofing material. The exterior material is normally stone, brick and stucco blend with heavy, and often ornate trim

If you’re building on a budget, avoid this style. Vinyl siding won’t cut the mustard when it comes to European house plans

The interiors would be finished with hardwood floor and tile, granite or marble. Walls would heavily textures, and the ceiling would be high, vaulted or even cathedral with heavy wood beams

Interior doors would be solid with panels. Door knobs and hardware brass

Trim molding would be at least eight inches if not higher, with cove molding as well. Most homes today have no cove molding

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