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Home Selling Tips

Home Selling Tips that make all the difference

Most of us will need to sell the old home before we start building the new one, so here are wonderful ideas that will help things go a little faster

  1. Take down all family photos and keepsakes that identify to your family. When other people are in your home trying to relate to the house as it could belong to them, see another family’s pictures and life established there prevents from easily visualizing themselves living there.
  2. Put a heat safe pan of water 3/4 full in the oven with two tablespoons of vanilla and a dash of cinnamon. Your house will smell like fresh baked goods all day. Or use vanilla scented wax warmers for all day baking scent if it’s too hot to keep the oven on. The smell of baked goods make people feel like they’re at home.
  3. Place one decorative item on your front door that is seasonally appropriate. The exception to this is if you have decorative glass then let that speak for itself. You want to show off what is included in your home.
  4. Turn on every light in the house. Light makes the house look more inviting.
  5. Use long lasting accent candles in safe places.
  6. Open every door. You don’t want anyone to think you have something to hide.
  7. Organize small spaces we are normally most comfortable keeping out of sight. The food pantry should be open and organized. Laundry open and organized. Cabinets, lazy susan pantries, dish pantries, closets, and all storage drawers and cabinets should be organized and ready for potential owners to snoop through as they get a feel for where their stuff may be stored one day. Keep clutter out of all spaces, which may leave you living out of travel kits to organize personal belongings that you don’t want eyes on. Better to open a cabinet to three travel makeup bags than all your lose makeup and hair things.
  8. Hidden storage somewhere? That is an accent feature you must have seen and be willing to show it off.
  9. Hot tubs with standing water should be bubbling during open houses.
  10. Outside lighting should also be on during open house even in the day.
  11. Have a intimate goodbye dinner with close family. Talk about great  memories in the house. Talk about how you have loved it but the excitement of moving on and into your next build. Moving is emotional, and we must detach to move on. It helps to hold gratitude for all a home has given to you to let go and to wish the next family of your current home a lifetime of joy as you and your family have shared in the house before them.Best of luck selling your home

    Tips provided by Jacquelynn Faye Thompson

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Planning to Build

Planning to Build your own home

Most people don’t know it, but you do not have to be a licensed contractor to build your own home. More and more people are interested in playing the builder role these days. We want to help by offering our services to assist.  Whether you just need someone to lean on, or prefer having a project manager on site, we’re there for you. Our rates are reasonable, and typically average anywhere from 3% to 15% of building costs according to the services you request. Builders typically charge a percentage of construction cost. This amount is hidden in the overall estimated cost of construction. The average builder will profit 30% from your project, but most will profit much more. Some of our builder clients have profited as much as 100%. These high profit margins drive the cost of building up and up, which negatively effects the home building industry

This service is offered only to those of you building one our home designs

Do we hate builders? Not at all. Some of the best people we know are builders, however, they are few and far between. Unfortunately, a great number of builders cannot be trusted. It’s too easy for them to steal materials from your project site, and or, double bill you for materials already purchased. Some builders leave the job unfinished after collecting the last draw, and some skimp on the quality of construction and materials

Most of us will need to sell before building a new home, so here are some great tips that will move things along  Home Selling Tips

We offer on site job management, assistance with purchasing, accounting and even interior design, however, more than that, we want to offer as much or as little support that you need to build your own home

Contact us for more information

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Building the Curves

Rounded or curved walls are nothing new to the building industry. We’ve been constructing them for many years in commercial construction and residential as well. Today, the industry offers many products that make it fast and easy. Different builders prefer different methods for creating the curved or round walls, but no matter how it’s done, the effect is profound; breaking out of the box

Some builders shy away from using new products. They prefer the do it yourself method. Wood veneer can be used in place of sheet rock to cover a wall, and plate lines can be created with layers of plywood cut from a template, however, time is money, and although the products available today cost a little more, they reduce labor, making the job a breeze

The working drawings I create have standard dimensions, with a 1/4″ graph to help builders shape unusual curves. A chalk line graph is used to layout the pattern for the foundation and the interior framed walls. Most builders find it challenging, but very rewarding

Below are a list of product links, but if you Google it, you’ll find many more companies that are branching out due to demand

Building a Curved Wall

Curved Timberlab Beams