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Addendum to Grand Rising scope

Addendum to Grand Rising budget

$2,000,000 for property purchase

Request four wheel drive vehicle with two side door Grand Rising signs

Request $5,000 per month for six months, or first home sale  (to be deducted from net profit share)
Grand Rising will charge a design and planning fee to home buyers, ranging from $10,000 to $20,000 per plan

Grand Rising website coming soon

Legal fees, accounting, insurance, and permits…………….$50,000


Back up plan
In the event green county doesn’t approve our thirty home development, we’ll build seven homes on five acre lots ranging from 6000 to 8000 SF. The homes will be clustered in the center of the property, facing a cul-de-sac, with the backs facing the sprawling landscape

Projected start up cost……….$3,735,000

35 acre tract purchase………$2,000,000
Seven, five acre lots priced at $335,000 = $2,010,000
Roads and parking areas, utilities, park, gardens and landscaping
One model home @ 7000 SF……………………………$1,400,000 (estimated building cost)
Surveying and land plan……..$10,000
Legal fees, accounting and insurance………$25,000

Projected gross profit…….$9,800,000
Projected average 7000 SF of structure per lot with 7 lots total, estimated selling price at $400 per SF = $19,600,000
Projected average 7000 SF of structure per lot with 7 lots total, estimated cost to build at $200 per SF = $9,800,000

To do list

  1. Create LLC for Grand Rising
    Investor, builder and developer listed as equal owners with operating agreement upon investor’s request
  2. Create ein bank account with two party checks
  3. Purchase property
    Request survey and scaled plat from property from owner
    Rough land plan lay out provided by Brenda
    Final plat of development provided by civil engineer
  4. Design and planning
    Country club, model A and model B to start
  5. Permissions and permits from green country
    Submit final plat of development
    Upon development approval submit planning for model A house plan, followed by model B house plan and country club plan
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Grand Rising

Grand Rising

Scope of project
Grand Rising residential development and country club

A prime location in Strafford Missouri, just 15 minutes from Springfield, the road leading to the thirty five acre tract; our prospective development, provides a lovely view of farm land and natural wooded settings

Property location
5780 N Farm Rd 249
Strafford, Missouri

One Source Building Solutions / Jacquelynn Thompson / Brenda Rand
Realtor, residential development, design and planning

Dale Whiteside
Licensed building contractor and current property owner

Organic by design, our exclusive homes will fill the horizon with eloquent towers of silver and gold gables, our color theme. To save precious land, we’re building up, not out. Our homes will be three to four stories tall, making elevators a must. Garages will be located below grade with gentle slopes flattening to driveways in front of two to four car garages. The model homes we build will set the precedence for the entire development, however, some homes may be customized specifically for the buyer. Our group will retain exclusive rights to design and building

We’ll be using quality finishes inside and out. Real stone, real wood, and real stucco, unlike other houses built today. All of the homes will be closely related in style and materials, creating a development that greatly pleases the eye.

Thirty five extraordinary acres of lush green, rolling hills, with thirty building lots, leaving plenty of room to play

Family will be at the center of attention with this development. Homes will wrap a park that sprawls in between the long, twisting row.  Children will be safely away from traffic while being entertained for hours on end. A path will follow the edge of the property, providing a great place to walk the dog, or take a jog.

Swing set, jungle gym, merry go round, sand box and splash pad will be scattered between picnic tables and park benches. A skate path will wind in and around the park’s features.

Pervious roads lined with crushed marble will wind gracefully around the lots, and common grounds, beautifully landscaped.

Country Club Plan

Split in half by a crystal clear creek and waterfall, the common areas will be landscaped to enhance Mother Nature’s architecture to her fullest.

Lot sizes will range from 1/4 to 1/3 and 1/2 acre

A cozy country club offers the members a luxurious place to relax, and get to know their neighbors. We’re not building just another home development, we’re building a quality, high end community of friends and family. The club supports a day care, offering the utmost of convenience for homeowners.
The third floor level will be left unfinished, leaving it up to the residents to complete the attic space, be it for profit, or for their own enjoyment. The club provides the perfect venue for special occasions, providing an opportunity for the development to profit.

Budget to develop and build

Projected start up cost……….$4,380,000
35 acre tract purchase………$500,000
Roads and parking areas, utilities, park, gardens and landscaping
Design and planning……………………..$30,000
Model home……………………………$1,500,000 (estimated building cost)
3500sf and 4500sf models on lots 16 and 17 with the 5000sf model shown in the images placed on lot 1
Country club…………………………….$1,500,000 (building cost)
2500sf structure with small coffee shop or cafe, spa and gym, restrooms, game room, office and reception room seating approximately 120 people. Outdoor swimming pool and tennis court
Surveying and land plan……..$25,000
Legal fees, insurance and permits………$25,000

Projected gross profit…….$27,570,000
Thirty lots @ $119,000 = $3,570,000
Home sales = $24,000,000
Projected average 4000 SF of structure per lot with 30 lots total, estimated selling price at $400 per SF = $48,000,000
Projected average 4000 SF of structure per lot with 30 lots total, estimated cost to build at $200 per SF = $24,000,000


Our group will start up the home owner’s association, turning it over to the residents as soon as the development is close to completion and established. Like most country clubs, there will be a monthly membership fee, but unlike most country clubs, the residents will own, operate and profit from the business side of the development, which will soon support maintenance, ground keeping and club house services, as well as seasonal parties and celebrations. The cafe will serve coffee and other various drinks, breakfast rolls and muffins, sandwiches and desserts. The kitchen will be fully licensed and operational as soon as possible, offering convenience to residents, and giving realtors a place to sit with potential buyers, and take in the view.

Start up begins as soon as financing is in place, with three to five years completion time anticipated


The delightful and unique, doll house styling of our models will be the first of many, with most of the trim hand painted

Dream home designSetting the stage for whats to come, we’ll start with our three bedroom, 5000 square foot option Dream Home, designed exclusively for Grand Rising

Eloquent from inside out with gorgeous French Tudor exterior styling.  Walk into a wonderland of architecture with gracefully curved stairs wrapping up and around to the second floor. The foyer is open to above, where a lovely plant shelf allows vine to drape down into the entry. Garden doors open up to a roof top patio where a formal sitting arrangement entertains guests.



You have arrived

Thank you for considering our project. Our group is small, but we make up it for with expertise, enthusiasm and most importantly, integrity



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One Source Building Solutions

Welcome to One Source Building Solutions. Thank you for joining us! Partnered with Unique House Plans, One Source Building Solutions enables everyone with the dream to build their own home. With a full range of services, we are here to empower you to build. Dreaming of that special home, just right for you and yours? With each of us all so unique, our dream homes should reflect on that. Custom design services provided by Unique House Plans will bring your dreams to life. One Source Building Solutions focuses on the project management of your build to empower every dreamer to build their own home. Innovative designs enable eco-friendly building on a budget.


One Source Building Solutions is focused on property development and design services. SR312354

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Home Selling Tips

Home Selling Tips that make all the difference

Most of us will need to sell the old home before we start building the new one, so here are wonderful ideas that will help things go a little faster

  1. Take down all family photos and keepsakes that identify to your family. When other people are in your home trying to relate to the house as it could belong to them, see another family’s pictures and life established there prevents from easily visualizing themselves living there.
  2. Put a heat safe pan of water 3/4 full in the oven with two tablespoons of vanilla and a dash of cinnamon. Your house will smell like fresh baked goods all day. Or use vanilla scented wax warmers for all day baking scent if it’s too hot to keep the oven on. The smell of baked goods make people feel like they’re at home.
  3. Place one decorative item on your front door that is seasonally appropriate. The exception to this is if you have decorative glass then let that speak for itself. You want to show off what is included in your home.
  4. Turn on every light in the house. Light makes the house look more inviting.
  5. Use long lasting accent candles in safe places.
  6. Open every door. You don’t want anyone to think you have something to hide.
  7. Organize small spaces we are normally most comfortable keeping out of sight. The food pantry should be open and organized. Laundry open and organized. Cabinets, lazy Susan pantries, dish pantries, closets, and all storage drawers and cabinets should be organized and ready for potential owners to snoop through as they get a feel for where their stuff may be stored one day. Keep clutter out of all spaces, which may leave you living out of travel kits to organize personal belongings that you don’t want eyes on. Better to open a cabinet to three travel makeup bags than all your lose makeup and hair things. Hidden storage somewhere? That is an accent feature you must have seen and be willing to show it off.
  8. Hot tubs with standing water should be bubbling during open houses.
  9. Outside lighting should also be on during open house even in the day.
  10. Have a intimate goodbye dinner with close family. Talk about great  memories in the house. Talk about how you have loved it but the excitement of moving on and into your next build. Moving is emotional, and we must detach to move on. It helps to hold gratitude for all a home has given to you to let go and to wish the next family of your current home a lifetime of joy as you and your family have shared in the house before them.
  11. Most home buyers will make an offer lower than the listing price, so be prepared to negotiate by listing your home a little higher than the amount you hope to receive.
    Be prepared to move out within a short time after the sale. The buyer won’t be interested in waiting for you to design and build your new home. Negotiate time into your contract if you need it.
    Best of luck selling your home
    Tips provided by Jacquelynn Faye Thompson

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