Cool Home Plan


Sale void in Greece

Sprawling Mediterranean style with large apartment in walk out lower level


Cool home plan


Cool home plan is Mediterranean style designed for a couple in Athens. Gypsies are a constant threat, and extra precautions must be taken to keep safe. This home is designed to look demure from the street in order to hide the owners wealth, however, from the rear, the size is obvious. Exterior doors open outwards, to keep anyone from being able to kick in the door easily. In case of a home invasion, there are escape routes designed from every location in the house, all leading to the garage. With two driveway entrances, the family makes their getaway unnoticed. That’s the hope anyway. Most of us live in safe places, and home invasions are uncommon; thankfully

Authentic Grecian chalet house plans  are few and far between

6600 SF

Angled walls give this European house plan a unique look, inside and out. The dotted lines on the main level show where the second level, with a lot of open to below space, is located. The grandiose master suite is one side of the main floor level, with a lavish guest suite on the other. A colonnade begins at the entry, leading you into the oversized great room. Two large bedrooms with a sewing room off the loft could be utilized as a playroom or den

Unique home designs

The lower level is a separate apartment, designed for the home owner’s mother. Lucky her

Cool home plan

Amazing house plans can be found in all parts of the world, but there’s just something about this design that makes it stand out

A showcase home, nothing is left to the imagination

Old world house plans

European house plans are the popular right now. The old world style will always be a favorite

Consider building a custom home design

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Author: Brenda Rand