old world house plans

Old world house plans

Old world house plans is a popular, but broad term used to describe old style European homes. The style could be French, Italian or any style found in any country in Europe, as long as the style was derived over a hundred years ago

Features used in old world design would be steep or low pitched roofs, hip or gable, stone or brick, stucco or siding. This is just how broad the term is

Today, these house plans are built in many developments in the United States and Canada. Not a low cost design by any means. One must have a healthy budget to afford the look, although Tuscan home design may be simpler to build, and lower in cost. In Italy, the older homes were typically two story box designs with low pitched gable roofs

The materials are what drives the building budget up. Although Tuscan house plans have stucco, instead of stone, the roofing material is typically tile

Worth the cost? I think so

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