Unique home designs

unique home designs

Unique home designs are us. Express your individual personality by choosing to live in a home exclusive to your lifestyle, because no one is like you. Developments are filled with look alike house plans, and the people living in them may all be the same

Unique house plans

Society often frowns on those that express opinions different than their own; these days more than ever. Fight for your right to be who you are by living in a home that is different than your neighbors. Live in a design that is unique to your personality and life style

Unusual homes are sometimes thought of as just for the wealthy, however, such is not the case. Budgets big and small, and even those with no budget at all can afford to live in the home of their dreams

Unique home plans

Concrete foundations and roofs are the most expensive part of construction. Square footage in between is relatively cheap by comparison. Narrow roof truss spans cost less to build and erect than wide trusses. Wide trusses require interior load bearing walls that must have concrete footings. Plans with little forethought may need beams here and there to support openings

Unique home designs

Photo above shows duplex design that has curved exterior walls over looking a garden to each side. Duplex units are long and narrow, with second level bedroom suites walking out to roof top patio. The home is exciting, yet very affordable to build. The builder made 100% profit on this home, and both units sold before being completed

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