contemporary house plans

Contemporary house plans

Contemporary house plans take tradition, and toss it to the wind. Squared walls are angled or curved. Instead of a typical cathedral ceiling, you might see a one sided slope or what is called, vaulted ceiling

We’re all different, and the home style we choose to live in should portray our personalities. Some people like Victorian or old fashioned, while some like modern

Modern house plans

Modern is just another word for contemporary, meaning with the times

People that like modern homes, probably wear modern clothes, and collect modern art; as it should be

Unique house plans

Contemporary house plan
The home in the photo above is a contemporary, southwestern design. Any style, Tudor, colonial, and even Victorian can adapt to a contemporary look and feel. Contemporary, meaning current with the times, demands a clean look, free of ornate decoration. Windows are modern with no divided lights, or exterior or interior trim. Interior may be free of cove or base molding. Roof pitches are never steep and traditional, but typically low pitched, and sometimes one sided sloped or even flat

I love designing contemporary homes, because I can express myself with no limitations or boundaries, whereas, traditional home styles are more limited in design. That being said, you may notice that some of home designs combine traditional and modern features, called eclectic

Eclectic is a combination of styles and periods, which works very well with contemporary home plans

Low budget homes can be disguised by going contemporary

With contemporary styles, the sky is the limit

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