original house plans

Original house plans

Original house plans are just that; original. In the world of house plans, the internet has hundreds, maybe thousands of house plan websites. Most of these sites have what we refer to as cookie cutter house plans. Plans that are pretty much the same with little originality

Most of these websites sell stock plans, or plans that can be purchased ready to build. I have over a hundred stock plans on my site, however, most of them aren’t actually in stock, meaning the plans will need to be drawn

Original house plans could be very exciting in style, and very expensive to build, or they could be dull and cheap to build. Original means not copied, not necessarily amazing. That being said, every plan on my site, whether small or cheap are truly incredible designs if you look closely

Original could mean one of a kind, or it could mean unlike anything you’ve ever seen before

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Showing all 10 results