original house plans

Original house plans

Original house plans express personality and a style of their own. In the world of house plans, the internet has thousands of house plan websites. Most of these sites sell what we refer to as cookie cutter house plans. Plans that are pretty much the same with little originality

Exclusive house plans

House plan websites mostly sell stock plans, or plans that can be purchased ready to build. Unique house plans has only a hundred stock plans displayed, and all of them started out as a custom home design for one of our clients

Home designs could be very exciting in style, and very expensive to build, or they could be dull and cheap to build. Original means unusual or as individual as you are. Original could mean one of a kind, or it could mean unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, and we have both

The Rand original in the photo below has one sided sloped roof with low pitch, which is simple and low in cost to build. The bedrooms were placed at the second floor level to save on concrete, making this a cost buster home

Original house plans

Unusual house plans

Artistic home designs are uncommon in the industry, due to high building costs, and lack of originality by architects. Brenda is an artist, and has incorporated her talents with her expertise in home designing

Extreme home designs don’t have to cost a fortune

Strategically designed homes may have no interior load bearing walls due to the narrow width, which means no beams are necessary. Narrow truss spans cost much less. Stacking levels on top of each other is a great way to save money. Foundation and roofing is costly, and reducing the size of them means spending less on the structure

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