narrow house plans

Narrow house plans

Narrow house plans are found on city lots, or country developments. Affordable, the smaller strip of land makes it possible to build for less, whether you’re on a tight budget or not. We all like to save money

Plans are challenging to design and plan. In some cases, one side of the lot is zero clearance, meaning you can build on the edge of the property. This is common in golf course developments where patio homes, town homes or villas are popular. The zero clearance side gives privacy to one side yard

Affordable to build, because few if any beams are needed. Building material is expensive, especially the long runs. Trusses, joists and beams increase in cost as the width increases

Short spans keep construction cost low, and if you’re on a budget, other more important needs can be met. If you’re not on a tight budget, the cost savings allows extra money for the amenities

Curved walls and angles keep these spaces from feeling confined or boxed in

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Showing all 14 results