farm house plans

Farm house plans

Farm house plans come in all sizes and styles, however, there are some common features that are a must when living on a farm. The home must have a basement in case high winds or tornadoes. Basements also offer the perfect storage temperature for canned goods. When living in the country, one has a garden and cans fruits and veggies

A large kitchen is important, as the family tends to gather in this room, and food is all important to hard working people. A large pantry off the kitchen is also a must. It’s a long way to the store from the farm, and time is precious. Up with the chickens and to bed early

Because farms are typically barren of trees, except for a small orchard of fruit trees, the home should be designed to resist high winds, meaning a low pitch

Covered porches are loved by everyone, especially the farmer. After dining, the family sits on the porch with their coffee or tea, looking over their pride and joy; the farm

The lifestyle is hard, and the profits are few; bless em all that grow food for our tables

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