country house plans

Country house plans

Country house plans have been designed for outdoor living. These home styles often have larger garages with space for riding lawn mowers and weed eaters. You’ll also find work space. Most country folks make their own home and vehicle repairs

Mud rooms are very popular in country homes, as the living in the country includes muddy boots

Kitchens are large and normally include large or several dining areas. Country people like to entertain. Pantries are large as the grocery store isn’t just down the street when you live in the country

Hot tubs are popular in country homes, as country people work hard, and appreciate the water therapy

Country house plans often have cathedral ceilings with exposed beams. Wood burners or large wood burning fireplaces are a must. The exterior should be finished with wood and stone, offering an organic look

I’ve lived in the country and the city, and I don’t prefer one over the other. Each have their pluses, however, you can’t have horses in town

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