Cabin House Plan

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Cabin house plan with three stories

Cabin house plan has three levels with level one being an outdoor living area with kitchen, fireplace/ grill and sitting area all in a screened porch. The screened porch would make a great sleeping area when the weather is right. Walk up to a the main living area with a full kitchen and half bath, sitting area at fireplace which centers the room. A small balcony offers a breath of fresh air

Upstairs find a full bath with a hot tub, and lots of open to below area. Just outside of the rail is a plant shelf, which breaks the ceiling below with a double terr drop down. This plan may be small, but it also packs some punch design-wise

Cost buster home plan would be great as a hunting lodge, resort home, or lake house

Tiny house plans

The unusual roof slope on this design slopes from back to front diagonally. One sided sloped roofs with a low pitch is the most affordable way to go. Building up instead of out saves a bundle on expensive foundation and roofing material. The plumbing lines up, offering another cost saver. The stairs are plain and simple. Dress it up or down according to your taste and budget. Revisions area a part of the package

Vacation house plans

The exterior siding could go vinyl, however, you might want to take it natural and build it with logs. Log cabins are pretty awesome, and there are several great companies that produce the logs specifically for home building. It’s been a few years (many as a matter of fact) but I used to design Beaver log homes, and some of them were no cabins, but sprawling ranch homes up to 5000 SF

Cabin house plans

1250 SF with 800 heated and cooled

Consider building a custom home design

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