unique house plans

Unique house plans

Unique house plans by Brenda G Rand. Brenda has been designing homes for forty five years, and her home plans have been built around the world. Artistic, her work is unlike any architect, as she has no boundaries

Curved walls are her specialty, however, you’ll see angles of all degrees in some of her plans

Small or large, every home she creates is unlike any other you’ll see on the internet. Twenty five years ago, she had a website created; one of the first house plan sites. Consisting of only one page with one plan on it, she knew it was the right direction, and since then she’s added over a hundred plans to her website collection

Custom home designs

Asked how she comes up with all of these different ideas, she says it’s because no two people are alike. The designs she creates are born from her clients wants and needs, as well as the property the homes will be built

Brenda’s clients have the option of keeping their plan exclusive, and not sharing it on the site. Exclusive plans cost a little more, however, the designs she’s able to share are available. Customized stock plans are also popular, so feel free to have it your way. Revised plans cost a little more as well, but well worth the additional cost
unique house plans

Exclusive house plans

Brenda starts by performing a site orientation on the building site. Study of solar, wind, sound and most important the view helps her place the rooms. Room pattern develops, shown as a cluster of circles or oval shapes, with one representing a specific room

This pattern will be used as she begins rough sketching

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