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Design Criteria

Design Criteria

Describe as best you can or leave blank if it doesn’t apply. Copy and paste the info below into a word program. After you’ve completed, copy and paste into post box on your project board page

Heated and cooled square feet?

Unheated square feet?

Garage? How many stalls? Special requirements? Storage or work space?

Do you prefer the garage doors to be hidden from front view?

Storage issues?

Portico (carport)?

Basement or walkout lower level?



Should the master suite have a separate shower and bath?

Should each bedroom have it’s own bath or shared or accessed from hall?

Types of closets in bedrooms?

How many levels not including basement or lower level?

Fireplace(s) wood burning or gas?

Exterior and interior style?

Would you like round, curved or angled walls incorporated into the design?

What type of front entry do you prefer?

Where do you prefer doing laundry? Closet set up, laundry room fully equipped?

Is the kitchen important? Do you cook or bake frequently?

Do you have a large family?

Covered porch or decks?

Screened porch?

Sunroom or green room attached?

Do you have inside or outside gardens and plants?

Do you spend much time outdoors?

Exterior materials?

Covered patio or deck?

Describe your lifestyle and family

Do you have pets or livestock?

What are your hobbies?

Do you entertain often? Formally or informally?

Do you collect anything?

Do you have live in servants? Does mom or dad live with you? Do you have children? Are they living at home or grown?

Do you watch tv? Listen to music? Play piano or other instruments?

Do you need a study, library, office or game room?

Do you prefer high or low ceilings or both? Vaulted or cathedral?

Do you like arched headers, exposed beams?

Have you established a building budget? (do not include property cost)

Have you decided on a builder or will you be your own builder?