Exotic House Plan

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Exotic house plan curved walls

Exotic house plan doesn’t have a straight wall in the house. Talk about out of the box house plans; this is it. The roof on the picture below shows thatch for a tropical island, but don’t let that stop you from building this plan anywhere in the world. The roof is easily switched to conventional, and can even be squared, whether lowered or raised has a great effect

Out of the box house plans

The curve of the roof doesn’t follow the curve of the wall. Three perfectly round sections of roofing with the center raised, keep things a little simpler. The generous overhand shades the walls from the hot sun, keeping the house cooler in the heat of the day

Exotic house plan

Designer house plans

The house is mirrored, with each side being the same, only one side has an aviary where the other has a mechanical closet. Two parrots in one house was one too many

You’ll find the dining room table just in front of the front door, however, you may find the bar seat more than enough for your lifestyle. In this case, replace the dining table with a beautiful water feature. Running water creates negative ions, which makes us feel happy

Tropical house plans

The kitchen is unlike you’ve ever seen with the graceful curve ending in a curl. Each side has built in study, walk in toilet closet, toilet and closet; not a door one. The sleeping rooms walk out to the covered patio, and of course, the beds are round

The may be the most unique house plan on the site

1800 SF

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