unique home plans

Unique home plans

Unique home plans are for those that aren’t afraid to express their individuality, no matter where you live in the world. Freedom starts with expression of personality, which should be obvious in the home you live in

Unique house plans

Home styles in some developments are so closely related, it’s hard to tell the difference between them. Cookie cutter homes are the term we use to describe these housing additions. People that live in them may feel safer knowing they’re just like their neighbor; working the same job, or going to the same school. Naturally these people dress alike, and talk alike as well, and may very well be frightened of anyone that is different

The people I’ve just described are conformists, better known as socialists

Express yourself and your own ideas, not your neighbors. Be unique, and live in a unique house

Styles and colors chosen for your home are also just opinions, and not rules. Trends change faster than you’ll feel like redecorating. Select options that you and your family favor, and don’t worry about what’s hot at the moment

Unique house designs

Friends and family all have an opinion too, however, don’t ask them what they think about your house plan, the materials or colors you’re thinking of using. Decorate to please yourself, not your friends. Ask one hundred people what color of paint to use, and you’ll get more than a hundred answers. Instead of asking what they think, tell them what you think

Unique home designs

Unique people live in unique homes

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