southwestern home plans

Southwestern home plans

Southwestern home plans have a Spanish or Mediterranean style. The style born from necessity; in some parts of the world, the home we live in must have certain qualities or we’ll be uncomfortable. Adobe walls  were commonly used in days of old, however, today most of our homes are built with modern building systems. Stucco finish is applied to the exterior walls to capture the look. The old way is unsophisticated perhaps, but the insulation value was far superior

Referring to the United States, the style seems to work well in any dry region

In the southwest, the sun is hot, and the climate is dry. Some exterior materials will quickly deteriorate in the heat. We also must realize that materials used are indigenous to the local

Back in the day, you wouldn’t see stone homes in the desert, because there isn’t any to be found. It would have to be transported, and that was a pricey adventure

Of the old school, I like to see homes built true to their region. Stucco is the natural material for the southwest, and that’s pushing it. Adobe, the style famous in the desert climate are made from mud blocks, that last throughout the ages, of course, it doesn’t rain much in the desert

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