lower level house plans


Lower-level-house-plans typically walk out to grade, and are considered a partial basement with concrete walls below ground. Popular in the United States, these plans work best on a lot that slopes to the rear, the front or even the side. Plans may need to be revised to fit your building site if you select a stock plan

Walkout lower level plans

Space is often left unfinished for future remodel, however, finish is relatively cheap compared to the cost of building these walk out plans. Builders often tell their clients that basements are cheap to build, however, it’s more expensive than any other level due to the cost of concrete

The home in the photo below is called a walkout lower level house plan. From the front, you walk into the main floor, and then take stairs down to the lower level, or stairs up to the second floor. The lot slopes gradually to the rear, giving the home owner a view of the golf course from each of the three levels. The garden walls also support small sections of patio that tier down the grade

Lower level house plans

Hillside house plans

Still, we love our walk out home designs, because basements without windows or doors are dark and dreary. Walk outs give us a place to go when it storms without the feeling of being in a dungeon, however, the shelter is somewhat compromised by doors and windows, so a safe room is often constructed

There’s more than one reason to build a home with a walkout lower level

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