floridian house plans

Floridian house plans

Floridian house plans have one thing in common, the exteriors are light in texture and color. Whites and lights reflect the sun away, whereas dark colors seem to attract it. This is a warm weather region

Stucco is the most popular exterior material, as it’s light in color and does well in the heat and sun

Verandas are popular in Florida, as the shade keeps the home cooler, and gives us a place to sit outdoors without getting too much sun

Rows of columns support covered veranda, and often you’ll see arches connecting them. Shutters are also popular, as they too keep the sun from penetrating a window, as wells as protect the glass from high winds, something Florida has a lot of

If you’re building on the coast, be prepared to get an engineer on board, as their stamps are required in order to please the building department. Windows and exterior doors must be rated for high winds

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