castle house plans

Castle house plans

Castle house plans are traditionally castle home designs, however, living in a real palace wouldn’t be practical. The walls are solid stone, and have no insulation. The cost wouldn’t be affordable or practical for most of us, however, let’s not let that stop us from living the dream

Costs per square foot could start at $150 up to any amount you can or want to spend. Land is another factor in controlling cost, as building on flat grade cost much less than steeply sloped terrain

Castle floor plans

Modern kingdom house plans however, are designed using current construction methods and techniques. The home is made to have the look, be it traditional or contemporary

Castle house plans

Like the fairy tale stories we grew up reading, we dream of being a princess or a prince

Modern palaces are a lot more fun to design than old fashioned castles. The imagination can go wild with turrets that reach to the sky in tapered points. Roof top patios go hand in hand with castles, and most of my plans take advantage of the fact

Original house plans

Unique houses don’t have to cost more than other home styles to build. Cost depends on a lot of factors, but no matter your budget, you can afford to live in the home of your dreams. Custom plans, revised stock plans are available upon request for an additional fee

Fees are listed on our website, and if you like, you can ask to talk to the designer

Live large by expressing who you are by building your dream home

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