tuscan house plans

Tuscan house plans

Tuscan house plans may be the most romantic of all the designs. Tuscany Italy is one of the most popular places in Europe with much to offer to the tourist. Fields of grapes and wineries with charming villas and maybe the best food in the world

The architecture is simplistic, a simple two or three story box, and always adobe block or stucco. Shutters are common because they help shelter the windows from the hot summer sun. Roof lines are low pitched and mostly standard gable construction

The interior is always a hard surface floor with stucco walls. This is because their homes were built with solid block; the same inside as out

The roofing material is typically terracotta tile. This is another means of keeping the house cooler in the summer. Although this type of material is costly, they make concrete roofing tiles now. Still not cheap, but last a life time. You’ll never have to replace them

Sounds affordable to build because it is. With the materials we have available today, it’s easy to imitate the style. Poured concrete, stained floors could reduce cost considerably

Heavy texture on the walls, shutters on the windows, and you’re good to go

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