story book house plans

Story book house plans

Story book house plans are so much fun to design and to live in. You and your family will delight in the living experience. Forget the average home design with straight walls. Instead, live in a home that takes your imagination to its limits

Castles and hobbit homes are seen and described in books and movies, however, so is the home of the witch in Hansel and Gretel with the exterior laden with candy to entice the kiddies. The adorable cottage look with arched headers and high ceilings or curved walls make life worth waking up to

We all love the fairy tales, and some more than others. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. Instead, brag about it by living in a home like no other. Several of my designs are of this style, and that’s because people love them. Every home on my site was designed for an individual or family, so obviously, you’re not alone

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Showing all 9 results