hobbit house plans

Hobbit house plans

Hobbit house plans are more popular than ever because of the movies. We all dream of living in one of those adorable homes. The ceilings are low in some areas and high in others. Fascinating footprints fit for a hobbit

The heavy front doors are often arched with ornate door knobs and knockers. There’s no specific method of designing a hobbit house as long as it looks like it came from a story book

Hobbit homes aren’t too big, and most have curved walls with awesome fireplaces

You don’t have to be a hobbit to live in a hobbit house, nor do you have to have a large budget. My homes are designed strategically in order to eliminate unnecessary cost on the structure. Most designers layout the floor plan, and then make it work structurally by using beams. It works, but not efficiently

Like you, I don’t mind paying for spectacular features, but not beams that can’t be seen. The roof of hobbit house is often belled, and although that cost more than a straight roof, not if the roof line is simple. Most homes have raised plate line and reverse gables in an effort to look good; a waste of money in my opinion

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