extraordinary house plans

Extraordinary house plans

Extraordinary house plans are just that, however, mostly is a matter of opinion. What one person finds extraordinary, another may not. You may find a tiny simple home simply amazing, while another person may find it dull

The home designs I’ve tagged as extraordinary are the ones I love the most. Some may be small, and some may be large house plans

The drawing below is a small palace house plan, and is extraordinary in every sense of the word, being beautiful and unique. Costly to build, the home is designed to meet the criteria of our middle eastern client, and she loves to entertain. The first floor level is the entertainment level, while her private suite and apartment is located at the top level. The idea is that the main level is always pristine, and ready for action

Royal House Plan fit for a princess

Royal house plan

House plans should portray who we are. If you are a modern person, you should live in a modern home design. Traditional people should live in a traditional home

Elegant house plans

No two people are alike, and no two homes should be alike. There’s nothing quite as sad as a development filled with cookie cutter homes. This term was derived from the reproduction of the same product. Builders like constructing one plan over and over, because it saves time and money

Custom floor plans

People that like what other people like, and have no opinions; these are the people that should live in cookie cutter homes

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Showing all 26 results