exclusive house plans

Exclusive house plans

Exclusive house plans are few and far between. Home plans are typically passed around on the internet from one site to another. Chances are, the home you lived in has been built thousands of times. Cookie cutter house plans is a home design that’s built over and over again in one development, and then another. Reproduced until it’s literally outdated, and then something different pops up, however, that different design becomes old hat within a few years

Unique house plans gives a geographical exclusion for your state, with each custom or stock plan sale. Full rights available for an additional fee

Original house plans

Original house plans are out of the box designs, and you won’t see them in every development. Eye catchers, people sometimes stop on the side of the road to gawk, because they’re uncommon

Unique home plans

The home in the photo below can not be found on our website, as it’s an exclusive house plan. The original plans are held by the individual, or the home owner, and will never be built again. Costing a little more, exclusive homes may be something you’d like also

Exclusive house plans
Average home buyers buy and build average house plans. Unique people buy and build unique homes, whether they’re exclusive or not. One of a kind homes are rare

Homes we design are all original, and you won’t see a hundred of them standing together in a home development. Stock plans on our website are uncommon to see, because only a few of each design will be sold. Our business is a small one, and the homes we create are scattered here and there around the world

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