earth bag house plans

Earth bag house plans

Earth bag house plans of any real substance and few and far between, because people think of them as really small dwellings. Dirt houses get a bad wrap, however, the dirt is bagged, and stacked, before being tamped

Bags are held in place with bobbed wire ran horizontally between layers

Straight walls must be reinforced with steel in order to be structural, however, curved walls can take the load. Affordable, yes, however, that’s not the reason this building system is the best. Insulation values are impressive, with extreme resistance to wind, earth quake, fire, and bullets as well

Other homes building systems cannot compare in any way, and what makes this even more amazing; anyone can build them

Dirt bag building system has been approved in several states in the US, so check with your local permit office, city or county. Unique house plans will assist in getting approval if you’re building one of our plans

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Showing all 2 results