corporate home plans

Corporate home plans

Corporate home plans offer associates or clients a place to land during business trips, or holiday affairs as a courtesy. Styles vary, however, most are located in golf course country clubs to take advantage of all the amenities. Several bedroom suites with private bathrooms are available for guests

Unique house plans

Hot tubs are a must, however, some have pools also

The kitchen is typically large, so that dinners can be catered for private occasions

The home in the photo below is a corporate home built at the Pinnacle golf and country club in Arkansas. Four split levels tier down the gentle grade ending with garden walls surrounding patios overlooking the course. This home is loaded with everything a business needs to either do business, or forget about it, and relax

Corporate home plan

Meeting room space is also a plus with these plans, as are pool and poker rooms. The good ole boys enjoy a game of cards, however, they enjoy their cigars just as much. The wives are not left out. They spend their days shopping, and playing tennis, however, it could be the wives in the meeting room, and their husbands lounging by the pool. Move over boys

Amazing house plans

Size and quality depends on the corporation’s budget. Build a cozy cabin on the lake, or a stately mansion on the golf course

Success should be flaunted, and housing clients in a gorgeous corporate home is common around the world. People like doing business with successful companies, because it assures them you do business well

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