Finishing Touches

Finishing Touches make the home

Meet Jacquelynn, my associate. Jacquelynn takes care of the business of Unique House Plans, however, she’s also a talented artist and interior designer. Her experience as a chef has been invaluable with assisting in kitchen layout and design. Her kitchens are designed with efficiency and convenience as top priority, although the artist in her pleases the eye as well

Need help with shopping? Jacquelynn is there for you. She can find the most exciting items for the best prices

Building your own home? Jacquelynn can assist you in many ways

Interior or exterior detailing make or break a home. These marble columns are faux finished, but who will know the difference

From woodwork to floor finishes, window placement and lighting details

Counters, floors, walls and ceilings become works of art when she gives them her magic touch