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All house plans category includes all of the house plans in my collection. After forty years of practicing architecture, and designing homes, it would be hard to say just how many projects have come across my table. Perhaps a thousand? Two or three thousand? Some of these plans were created for developers or builders, with the exclusive rights belonging to them. Some were designed for individuals that also held on to their exclusive rights; meaning the plan would never be shown or resold to another

You have this opportunity as well. If you wish to own exclusive rights to the home I design for you, there will be an additional fee or $1000. In this case, the plan will not be exhibited on my website, facebook page, my book or any other format. This also gives you the right to resale the plan if desired

All house plans includes the entire collection of plans being shown as stock plans on any of my formats. A stock plan is a design that is considered to be in stock, and available for purchase. When you purchase a stock plan, you’re purchasing the right to build it one time. If you should like to build for resale, building it as often as you like, no additional fee is charged, however, you will be charged a fee for every plot plan I create for you, as every home placed on a lot needs this plan for permit

I hope you enjoy viewing my house plan collection. Maybe the home I design for you will end up in this collection as well

Showing 1–48 of 126 results

Showing 1–48 of 126 results